Cobina Gillitt, Ph.D

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In anticipation of the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair in October—where Indonesian literature will be spotlighted—MÄ€NOA journal presents Islands of Imagination, Volume One: Modern Indonesian Plays as its winter 2014 issue and published simultaneously by University of Hawaii Press as a standalone paperback. Co-edited by Frank Stewart, John H. McGlynn, and Cobina Gillitt, the volume contains seven works written between 1933 and 2009. These plays are all united by the literary artistry and treatment of social issues that characterize modern Indonesian drama. Contributors include Rita Matu Mona, Armijn Pané, N. Riantiarno, Ratna Sarumpaet, Iwan Simatupang, Luna Vidya, and Putu Wijaya.
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"As Soeharto's New Order government became increasingly authoritarian, censoring and crushing public opposition openly and often brutally, there was a clear shift in playwriting style from allegorical fairy tales of wordplay, humor and oblique reference to a more direct engagement, interrogation, and call to arms. All in all, Indonesian drama during the New Order provides a fascinating window into a society in transition caught between the legacy of tradition, the challenge of repression, and a strong desire for democratization."

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Plays by: Arifin C. Noer, Rendra, Putu Wijaya, Noorca Marendra Massardi, Akhudiat, Wisran Hadi, Saini K.M., Yudhistira ANM Massardi, N. Riantiarno, Aspar Paturusi, Afrizal Malna, Emha Ainun Nadjib, Ratna Sarumpaet.

Translators: Cobina Gillitt, Barbara Hatley, Eddy Pursubaryanto, Evan Darwin Winet, Gai Littler, Harry Aveling, John H. McGlynn, Kathy Foley, Kirstin Pauka, Michael Bodden, Patricia Henry, Paul Tickell